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On July, 13th 2013 4:00 pm I visited Pizza Pazza, located at 729 North Union Street, Wilmington, DE 19805. Note, Pizza Pazza has a slightly unfair advantage because they don’t sell slices at all. Pizza Pazza on sells 12 Inch personal pizzas that are the perfect portion for 1 hungry person or a 2 person appetizer. The personal pizza was $8.00 at the time of my visit and well worth every penny.

Here’s what I found:

Pizza Pazza is a true “Old World” Italian restaurant that makes each pizza fresh and they are baked in Pizza Pazza’s feature Brick Oven. Other claim to have “Brick Oven” Pizza but Pizza Pazza Uses “Wood Logs” that you can see stacked arounf the foot of the oven. To see Pizza Pazza’s extraordinary brick oven in action……  “Watch The Video Below, It’s A Must See!”.  The atmosphere at Pizza Pazza is very cozy yet high class. This does Not feel like a pizza shop and is more so the full Italian restaurant. I let the owner, Alex Russo know that I was there to conduct the Wilmington De Cheese Pizza Challenge and he rolled out the red carpet. Be sure to print out your score sheets and show Alex when you go.

Flavor / Taste:

2 Words…. Truly Amazing! Where to I Start?????? The Mozzarella was super fresh, large cut, and distributed very lightly but evenly around the pizza. Pizza Pazza used a perfect ratio of tomato sauce to keep the pizza light and manageable.  Because the mozzarella was used sparing the pizza did not have a lot of grease. The doe was super fresh, chewy, light and flavorful. The final touch was 2 leaves of Oregano placed directly in the center of the pizza. When the pizza is cut, The center of the pie becomes the 1st bite of every slice. This meant the 1st bite of each slice had a mild taste of fresh oregano that lightly seasoned each slice.  Again Amazing, with blend of fresh ingredients and that all natural wood log brick oven……. I could continue but I think I’ll just stop here.


Pizza Pazza Brick Oven Pizza.jpg

The Pizza Pazza pizza is decorated like an abstract work of art. Notice the light, scattered distribution of Mozzarella and the lack of grease on the pizza.


The pizza’s serve temperature was oven fresh and piping hot. The way I personally love my pizza. If I was dining in, they may have left the pizza in the oven a little longer.


The serve time was super quick. The brick oven literally completely cooked 2 fresh maid pizzas in about 2 minutes.

Customer Service:

Alex Russo the owner and his staff were very nice. Alex was very outgoing allowing us full access to the back of the kitchen to see ho everything is made. They were all very friendly and the cozy nature of the venue will allow you to develop a personal rapport with the staff.

Shop Decor:

As you can see from the pictures above, Pizza Pazza on the inside might not be what you expect from looking at the outside. Pizza Pazza is very elegant and would make for a perfect romantic evening or date with a friend. Pizza Pazza is also set up with a PA / Karaoke system for additional entertainment.


Overall the top of class in the Wilmington De Cheese Pizza Challenge so far, but we are just getting started.


Suggestion For Pizza Pazza:  Get a house Lemonade or another juice option on the menu. Many people don’t drink alcohol or soda, such as myself. For those people the drink options are rather limited.

Suggestion For patrons: If You have not gone go ASAP, take your score sheets, show Alex when you get there, and enjoy they experience!

Pizza Pazza Video 7-13-13

Pizza Pazza Video 7-13-13

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